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Cheap Testosterone Methods: 100% Working

Cheap Testosterone Methods

Cheap Testosterone Methods: Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for the development of male reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics. This hormone is produced by the testicles and is extremely important for maintaining muscles, the density of bones, the count of red blood cells, and the sexual and reproductive functions of the body. It contributes to the overall well-being and vitality of a human being. And when there is a deficiency of this hormone, men search for cheap testosterone-boosting methods.

As men age, the capacity of their bodies to produce testosterone decreases. This starts at the age of 30 and continues throughout the rest of their lives. Some men suffer from a testosterone deficiency called male hypogonadism. In this condition, the body cannot produce enough testosterone. Symptoms of this disease can be:

  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • A decrease in muscle mass.
  • Reduction in beard and body hair growth.
  • difficulty concentrating.
  • Decreased libido.
  • Infertility issues and more

Treatment of this deficiency is called testosterone replacement therapy and can be done in the form of injections, patches, and gels. Testosterone replacement therapy can help boost energy levels, increase muscle mass, and restore sexual desire.

What do you mean by cheap testosterone boosting methods, and do they really exist?

  1. The clinical procedure for restoring the production of testosterone can sometimes prove to be expensive, and not everyone might be able to afford it. Hence, the typical option that most people adopt is to look for cheap testosterone-boosting methods.
  2. The pills taken for testosterone replacement might not always work because the liver breaks them down easily. Hence, the better solution is to use patches, gels, shots, and even sprays.
  3. The patches are usually worn on the arm or on the torso. Androderm patches are known to deliver around 5 mg of testosterone in 24 hours and can bring testosterone levels back to normal.
  4. When it comes to gels, AndroGel might be your cheapest testosterone-boosting gel. Other than that, there is another one called Testim, which is supplied in cubes and has to be applied once a day.
  5. Another moderately cheap testosterone-restoring method is to use intramuscular injections. People usually receive 100 MG for injection for 12 weeks, and it is given once per week.
  6. Natesto is a nasal spray that is used for the treatment of hypogonadism or testosterone deficiency.

Other cheap testosterone-boosting supplements

Vitamin D

vitamin d

This is the type of vitamin that is fat-soluble and is produced in the skin when exposed to sunlight. Nowadays, due to our hectic work schedules, no one has enough time to get exposure to sunlight. That is the reason why vitamin D deficiency is becoming increasingly common. However, boosting the vitamin D level can help increase testosterone and improve other health-related issues like sperm quality.

Studies have shown that taking proper vitamin D supplements can increase the testosterone level to around 20% in one year.

Tribulus Terrestris

This is one herb that herbal medicine has been using for centuries. In a study conducted over 90 days, results showed that this herb could increase testosterone levels by around 16%. However, current research has also stated that for young athletes and people with healthy testosterone levels, this herb might have no benefit.

It appears that Tribulus terrestris shoes benefit only those who have low testosterone or unhealthy sexual function.


Ginger can be considered one of the best options for cheap testosterone-boosting supplements. This is a common household spice and has tons of benefits. Studies on rats have proved that ginger can have a positive effect on testosterone levels. In 30 days, study results showed that ginger had the capacity to increase testosterone and luteinizing hormone in rats.

Seventy-five infertile men who had taken a daily ginger supplement experienced a 17% increase in their testosterone levels after three months. Even their luteinizing hormone had almost doubled. Researchers also found that ginger could increase the sperm count to around 16%. You can check out ginger supplements online to give them a try.



Another popular cheap testosterone-boosting supplement, fenugreek, reduces the enzymes that convert testosterone into estrogen. In a study that was conducted, it was proven that people who took 500 mg of fenugreek in a day had an increase in their total testosterone levels along with an increase in fat loss and strength.

The participants and the researchers also found that after taking 600 mg of fenugreek every day for six weeks, their libido had increased, their sexual performance had improved, and so did their energy levels. Fenugreek supplements are also available online.

Final words

Be it clinical treatments or natural foods or supplements, people with testosterone deficiency are always looking for cheap testosterone-boosting methods that actually work. And hopefully, in the article, I have helped to clear all your doubts.

The way our bodies function might vary from individual to individual. While one method may work for someone, the same method might not work for someone else. But it is to be known that testosterone-increasing procedures are time-consuming, and you need to be patient throughout. And I am sure most of these methods will be the answer to your search for cheap testosterone-boosting methods.

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